Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are formed by a pair of roller chains along conveyor´s sides interconnected by transverse partitions, to which the rubber belt is attached. Other types of these conveyors are conveyors without a belt, where the material is conveyed by rakes in steel trough orlamellar conveyors, where the material is conveyed on slats, which are directly attached to the chains on each side of the conveyor.

Chain conveyors are often produced in angled designs "L" or "Z" shape, with the bottom horizontal part below floor level for easier material loading. Chain conveyors are also characterized by a high load capacity of the transported material counted on 1m of the conveyor belt (e.g. 700 kg/m).

Due to the large number of installations of chain-belt conveyors into production lines with nonstop conveying, where the entire production line is depended on functionality and smooth operation of the conveyor, ODES Ltd. has developed a smooth solution for the critical point of the chain-belt conveyors, by mechanical demountable joint of the chain with transverse profile.

Chain-belt conveyors

DPR Chain-belt conveyors - are designed for conveying by pieces and very heavy material. The conveyor´s construction is self-supporting. The belt guiding sections may be straight or angled, based on conveying needs and by an installation of the conveyor. For filling hoppers of the automatic horizontal balers, the hopper part of the conveyor has zero or negative angle, for better dosage of bulky and dimensionally large waste into the baler´s hopper (i.e. "Swan neck"). These conveyors are operating e.g. in Russia, Belarus, Egypt, Ukraine and the Slovak Republic.

Rake Conveyors

DPH series chain conveyors without belt - are designed for conveying free flowing and abrasive material. The chain drags transverse placed rakes on the bottom of of steel trough, fixed to the conveyor´s structure and thus carries the conveyed material.

Lamellar conveyors

DPL series lamellar conveyors - are specially designed for conveying Euroboxes in automotive industry plants. These conveyors are mostly operated in automatic mode with sensors and optical barriers, they can reverse and there are often attached to them other devices (e.g. active rotating roller conveyor, hydraulic lifting table of Euroboxes etc.).

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