Processing of glass

Structurally simple shredders of DRS series are designed for glass shredding. They are also used for roof shredding and other brittle and abrasive materials which are by their material properties similar to the glass. The shredder consists of a frame, a pair of rotors with welded teeth and separation with drive. It ensures the rotation of rotors against each other and therefore the brittle waste is shredded. The output fraction consists of broken pieces of the material sized accordingly to the density of the welded teeth.

The rotors are easily replaceable, as well as the frame, which is worn out by the influence of abrasion. The purpose of shredding is to reduce the volume of waste for further processing or transportation. The capacity varies according to the shape, type and density of crushed glass and welded teeth. The standard lengths of the work rolls are 900 mm and 1200 mm.


Double shaft slowly running shredder DRS series

We change waste into raw material already 22 years ...

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