DRJ 2400

The world trend of reducing landfill of waste brings new requirements for waste processing. ODES Company Ltd., a leader in the field, comes up with an innovation of the largest single-shaft shredder of DRJ 2400 series, which is completely made in the Czech Republic. By adding it into a production sorting line, makes an ability to use a part of sorted waste as an alternative fuel.

After the development and implementation of double-shaft shredder DRU 2400 with a length of 2.4 meters working space, which can be found in large incinerators, DRJ 2400 is designed for shredding into a specific size, which is defined by holes in the sieve of the shredder. A drive of the rotor length of 2.4 meters and a diameter of 600 mm drives a pair of electric motors with a power of 110 kW. Hydrodynamic clutch ensures smooth start and rotor protection for unexpected events. Rotor blades are rotating and interchangeable, as well as comb of the stator part. The working parts are easily accessible for their service and replacement.

The shredder is designed for shredding plastic, rubber, rolls of foil, textile and other waste components, which can also be used as an alternative fuel, or are destined for subsequent recycling. While using sieves with holes 30 mm, the capacity is 2-4 tons of pulp per hour. A massiveness of the shredder (weight about 24 tons) is a guarantee of stability and resistance at shredding. The operation of the shredder is monitored by a modern and powerful microcomputer control system, which also allows remote check of the shredder via a web interface. ODES Company Ltd. during its existence has grown from a small engineering Company in the manufacturing company, whose products can be found worldwide. Along with the design preparation, own production and subsequent service can offer a complete solution for processing the majority of solid waste within acceptable price ranges and matching European quality.

DRJ 2400

Single-shaft shredder DRJ 2400 series

We change waste into raw material already 22 years ...

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