Company ODES Ltd. supplies all kinds of technologies for the waste processing from its own design, manufacturing and an assembly to a commissioning and a final testing. We also provide after-sale service. Our company has been in this business since 1993. Through these years of experience, we obtain a dominant position in European market.

Waste and materials of various types, shapes and size can be processed in different shredders, sorting and separation equipment according to the processed material characteristics and the purpose of the processing. The purpose of processing can only be a reduction of the volume for transport or landfilling, or shredding of waste to a specific size for the following recycling and also the disposal of defected products. The company ODES Ltd. manufactures and supplies equipment with different alternatives of using.

Processing of plastics

Different types of plastics, sprues, presswork, cuttings, PE, PUR, HDPE, ABS, etc.

Processing of paper waste

Processing different types of cardboards, paper palettes, paper, etc.

Processing of tyres

Processing of different types of tyres.

Processing of oil filters

Shredding filters, oil separatin, sorting of magnetic metals.

Processing of electric waste

Electrical appliances, white goods, motherboards, cables, ...

Processing of natural material

wood chips, straw, hay, corn, etc.

Processing of glass

Different types of special shredders can be used for shredding different types of glass.

Processing of metal chips

Shredding and subsequent centrifugation of cutting emulsion or oil.

Processing of photovoltaic panels

Shredding of photovoltaic panels, sorting to particular materials….

We change waste into raw material already 22 years ...

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Odes s.r.o. se v posledních letech intenzivně zabývá výrobou třídících linek pro komunální odpad, kde na výstupu najdeme suroviny k dalšímu prodeji, spolu s alternativním palivem a dalšími komoditami. S výsledkem naší práce se můžete setkat nejen v ČR.

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