Drum shredders

The principle of drum shredding is a high speed of a working tool (a chain, which is as a working equipment inexpensive and easily replaceable) in a enclosed workspace of the shredder (thick-walled metal tube). In this tube a rotating chain hits at high speed into a shredding material so the material is mechanically shredded. As a result is high efficiency shredding and separating various materials or disrupting of their structure.

These shredders are suitable solely for shredding:

  • composite (multiple-layer and multiple-species) materials, such as; electro waste, electro motors, recycling of refrigerators,
  • aluminium waste - mainly it is a recycling of cars radiators and catalysts (to get the precious metals contained inside of them),
  • heavy magnesium cubes – to get an aluminium parts out of them (magnesium is broken into powder and aluminium pieces are then separated easily).
  • They are used as a main component of recycling lines.

Using this series of shredders plays an important role on the market in the processing of agricultural products in the process of biogas production, e.g. straw, hay, grasses, cereal, etc. For the processing of these, towards metal highly corrosive, materials is the shredders workspace specially adapted.

ODES company Ltd. is the exclusive manufacturer of this type of shredder in the Czech Republic, the most part of Europe since 2003 and owns many patent rights for this device!

DRB 800, 1000, 1200, 1600 series

DRB series shredders are designed for shredding of heterogeneous materials, such as; waste from manufacturing insulating boards, electrical waste, electric motors etc., wherein one raw materials are all kinds of metal and other raw materials such as; plastic, paper, textiles, glass, ceramics, etc. By specific fragmentation process, the individual raw materials are separated from each other or the whole compact material structure is impaired and prepared for a further processing.

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