Disposal of oil filters

Disposal of oil filters

Due to continuous growth number of cars as well as claims of parameters of the fuel system is needed to solve the issue of discarded automobile oil filters.

Discarded filters are holding relatively large residual amounts of oil, which complicates their disposal. It is practically impossible after removing them from the cars, directly disposed by an usual methods such as landfilling or incineration.

In this situation ODES company, Ltd., in cooperation with Purum company Ltd., which currently operates with this technology, decided to develop and implement a recycling line for processing of these filters. The recycling line is designed for crushing filters, separation of the oil content and sorting different materials from each other.


Own technology of the recycling line of oil filters consists of a pair of input shredders, vibration feeder, centrifuge, belt conveyors, separator of magnetic metals and central switchboard with controls for controlling of the entire process.

Feeding of the filters is made manually by operators on the input conveyor, which leads into the first hopper of the shredder. During this operation an emphasis is placed on hand-sorting of foreign objects that may occur and would lead to damage the shredder.

The first shredder is a double-engine low-running shredder 30kW of power, which is used for coarse pre-shredding of the filters. The second shredder is positioned immediately behind the first one and is similar type, but with smaller width of the segments and 22 kW of power. The second shredder serves for shredding filters to the required size.

The shredded material from the second shredder goes directly into the vibration feeder, which is designed for the transport and conveying of non-sticky granular materials with low-dust components. From the vibration feeder the waste goes evenly into centrifuge throat. The centrifuge is fully automatic with a centrally placed motor and a drum with a hydraulically movable bottom. By going thru the filling funnel the incoming material accelerates by distributor cone inside the drum of the centrifuge at 1400 rev./min. The movable bottom moves centrifugation material after a preset time delay through the slotted sieve, which drains oil into the oil drain and then into the oil sump. The centrifuged material is moved further upwards, where it is thrown into the container. Spin cycle is continuous.

Output shredded material is then carried along a conveyor belt, above which is disposed a magnetic separator, which serves to separate the ferromagnetic particles from the shredded material. The separator is equipped with permanent magnets and needs no power supply. Lifting magnet picks up ferromagnetic particles and holds them on a output belt. The particles are then carried out by transverse carriers to the chute and into the prepared container. After separation of metallic parts is the rest of material consists of combustible residues, mostly consisting of oily paper. This rest is transported by conveyor belt into a container.

The construction of conveyors is self-supporting, welded from closed profiles. The conveyor belts are made of materials resistant to oil products. The entire process is programmed, the individual operations are centrally controlled by a microcomputer control unit. For easy control of the line is in the area of central control placed a signaling panel with a technological scheme, where the sequence startup and shutdown of individual devices is displayed. From this panel, you can also set the service mode technology and execute individual devices.

Operation rating

Recycling line was installed in Mníšek pod Brdy and after initial difficulties with setting optimal parameters is currently operating in two shifts. The quality of the output material is sufficient for forwarding to further processing. The line capacity is limited by the size of the centrifuge. The range ODES Ltd., centrifuge from 200 kg / hour.

Certain problems are with the disposal of oily waste paper. Due to the efficiency of spin oil is high, will be still necessary to solve a size of the shredded parts by further shredding.

AUTHOR: Ing. Michal Friml,
ODES, s. r. o.

AUTHOR: Daniel Kraft,
PURUM, s. r. o.



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