Municipal waste processing

The company Odes Ltd. has been intensively engaged in the production of sorting lines for the municipal waste recently. At the output of these lines, we can found raw materials, alternative fuel and other commodities for resale. The result of our work you can meet in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Amendment to the Act about the obligation to sort metals and organic waste from 2015t, which was approved by the House of Commons in September 2014. The House of Commons responded for MŽP´s warning against possible sanctions from the European Commission, which threatens the Czech Republic in non-compliance with obligations arising from EU directives. This includes the obligation of all Member States classify metals by 2015 and reduce the deposition of biodegradable waste in landfills.

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  • From 1 January 2015, an amendment to the Waste Act is valid, under which the municipality is required to provide a separate space for gathering components of municipal waste, hazardous waste, paper, plastics, glass, and the newly metals and biodegradable waste.
  • In the landfill from 2024 prohibited to put the mixed waste and recyclable and recoverable waste stipulated in an implementing regulation (not issued yet).
  • Separating collection of bio-waste and metals is clarified by the Ministry of Environment with the decree. Municipalities will be able to choose from several ways to provide them. These include collecting yards, bulk containers, special collection bins, method of sack collection with bio-waste and biogas plants needed or composting.
  • For bio waste municipalities will ensure the possibility of separating at least annually from April to the end of October. Currently, residents have to postpone especially paper, plastics, and glass or beverage cartons.

A ban of municipal waste on landfilling

Specifically, the amendment no. 229/2014 contains the following significant changes:

  • In § 17 municipalities have to provide space for a separate gathering of municipal waste, hazardous waste, paper, plastics, glass, metal and biodegradable waste. Currently, the Ministry of the Environment is preparing a decree that should adjust the details.
  • On the landfill from 2024 is prohibited put mixed municipal waste and recyclable and recoverable waste stipulated in an implementing regulation (§ 21odst. 7).
  • The maximum total amount of waste deposited in a landfill as a material for technical securing landfills may reach a maximum of 20% of the total weight of waste deposited in the landfill in a given calendar year (§ 45 vapour. 3).


We change waste into raw material already 22 years ...

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Odes s.r.o. se v posledních letech intenzivně zabývá výrobou třídících linek pro komunální odpad, kde na výstupu najdeme suroviny k dalšímu prodeji, spolu s alternativním palivem a dalšími komoditami. S výsledkem naší práce se můžete setkat nejen v ČR.

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